Bulk SMS Services

Want to send a horde of SMS with a short time frame? We have got the solution. We will help you send SMS either for transaction or personal purposes, for all industries, applications and specialties Want to invite friends for a birthday, we will definitely help you do that with minimal hassle.

For corporate and other business needs, we will provide you with SMS tools to enable you run successful SMS marketing, competition and communication campaigns.

Why us?

Robust and Scalable Server

The architecture of our bulk SMS server is designed to optimize on robustness. We are able to scale millions of SMS at any given moment. Every single SMS is treated like it is the only one. Furthermore, the server is always in case of an unforeseen spike to handle extra traffic.


Our servers are also enabled to smart-track anything and everything that go through them. Because of this, we are able to provide you with a report of delivery time of SMS, frequently contacted persons, undelivered and failed messages and many other technicalities that require tracking.

Quality Pricing

Our prices for Bulk SMS according to your needs are valuable for quality services. We do not overprice you but we will leave you completely satisfied.


We also guard your privacy and we don’t reveal your identity in the case where anonymity is required.

What do we need from you?

We will need a database of your contacts. Upon this we will correct and format any errors, remove numbers that are duplicated or wrong(too long or too short), send you a test SMS to verify that the system is working a then send the whole batch of SMS at the time you have requested.

At DelveIn Research Solutions, we don’t require that you register a new account every time you need to send a different bulk of SMS. Your initial account with us is what we use to help you access all of our products and services.